Iquo Ukoh

Director Marketing - Nestlé Nigeria

Iquo Ukoh

Director Marketing - Nestlé Nigeria
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Iquo Ukoh

y dint of hard work and high level of professionalism, she became the first and only female Marketing Manager at an executive management level in Nestle Nigeria. Under her management, Iquo helped to build lasting brand relationships with Nigerian women through her innovative programmes like the MAGGI Women Forum. In the course of her job, Iquo Ukoh has travelled and worked widely in countries in Central/West Africa- Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’ivoire, Senegal etc ensuring the success of Nestle’s flagship brands Maggi, Milo etc. which today are household names. She is also keen at advocating youth empowerment committed to ensuring that the youths realize their dreams, take on effective leadership roles and as well position to resolving societal conflicts.

In the light of this, under the auspices of Nestle Nigeria, Mrs Iquo Ukoh was personally invited by President Bill Clinton the former president of the United States of America to attend the first Bill Clinton initiative in New York, an initiative aimed at addressing various social global issues.

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1st Plenary Session

09:30 -10:30
Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos