Kola Oyeyemi

General Manager - MTN Nigeria

Kola Oyeyemi

General Manager - MTN Nigeria
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Kola Oyeyemi

ola joined MTN to manage the business market arm and was responsible for the marketing of MTN Business Time, MTN Flexi and MTN ProTime targeted at the business segment in the early days of telecoms in Nigeria. Kola moved from this role to manage the MTN master brand in senior management capacity and was responsible for growing the equity of the MTN brand for enhanced market volume and value share.

In this capacity, Kola was responsible for exciting and impactful marketing initiatives that have helped the brand to stand today as the biggest brand in Nigeria by Interbrand’s measurement. Prior to working on MTN, he grew the Knorr brand to achieve its highest ever volume and value with his professional skills.

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Photo Session

16:30 -16:45

1st Plenary Session

09:30 -10:30
Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos